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The Heart

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Podcast The Heart

The Heart


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  • Dumb Slut Summer
    Welcome to Provincetown! Mitra Kaboli invites us to lay on the beach in gay mecca: P-Town. She is there to unlock the secrets to growing old and gay. Her friend Sonny is living out his dumb slut dreams, but is it actually what he wants? With men having sex all around her, Mitra seeks a sapphic summer but wants to know: where are the women? This is a preview episode of Mitra Kaboli’s new show: Welcome to Provincetown. Produced by Rocoocco Punch and Roomtone, distributed by Stitcher.
  • Making Trouble
    Welcome to The Heart. We’ve been in operation for 14 years! What’s next? An overview for those new to the feed. And a window into what double double toil and radio we’ve been cooking up for 2022. Support The Heart and donate to Radiotopia Now! From the bottom of our hearts, Thank you!
  • Sandy Claus
    Surprise, it’s a holiday special! Join us for a little queer holiday cheer as journalist America Stevens tracks down Santa’s older, gayer, drunker, sister… Sandy Claus. This piece is an adaptation of a live show written and performed by comedian, Kristen Becker. Produced by Katie Fitzgerald.
  • Axel: How to Remember
    “You don’t know what it means to be Black because you don’t know what it means to be one thing. Who is when you know you are a brother and a son, a lover and a friend. Sometimes you say you’re Ivorian. And other times you say “je suis Ivorien” which means you feel more French than British until you go to France where your French isn’t French enough. When you come back, you feel more British than Ivorian, until you’re offered tea. Or learn something about this country that puts you on the outside again.” Axel Kacoutié’s sonic meditation on Blackness and identity. The final episode of our three part feature of Axel’s work. Originally produced for BBC Radio 4, Shortcuts. Edited by Eleanor McDowell.
  • Axel: Paradise
    A dreamlike exploration of depression in the underground.  Inspired in part by a bruised and beautiful looking cloud at sunset, we follow Axel Kacoutié on a subway ride home. In response to Emily Dickinson's poem 'Hope is the thing with feathers', this work was originally produced for BBC’s Between the Ears, from Falling Tree Productions. Edited by the great Eleanor McDowall.

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The Heart

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