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Fortunately... with Fi and Jane

Fortunately... with Fi and Jane

Podcast Fortunately... with Fi and Jane
Podcast Fortunately... with Fi and Jane

Fortunately... with Fi and Jane


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  • 203. Collar Bone to Bellybutton, with Ugo Monye
    This week the Question of Sport captain and Strictly contestant Ugo Monye shimmies into the Fortunately podcast to chat to Fi and Jane. The former England Rugby International beams in from the Strictly Come Dancing rehearsal room in a top secret location. He tells Garvey and Glover about his experience so far as well as his new job on the legendary quiz show. Expect tales of costumes, missing boots and poor eyesight. Before Ugo's entrance we head to the Artic Circle via Didcot Parkway. Get in touch: [email protected]
  • 202. Cold Showers and Bicycle Blunders, with Michael Mosley
    In this edition of the Fortunately podcast, Fi and Jane have an appointment with broadcaster and former doctor Michael Mosley. Michael tells Garvey and Glover about his podcast Just One Thing, which is back for another series to give us some handy health tips. He also takes questions on late-night cheese, one-legged tooth brushing and fictional physicians. Before Michael arrives, Jane has a new Two Ronnies-inspired format for the podcast and Fi battles the Indian summer. Get in touch: [email protected]
  • 201. Submersible Eyebrows and Nipple Descriptions, with Robert Peston
    Fortunately is back after a summer break. On today's podcast, Fi Glover and Jane Garvey chat to ITV Political Editor Robert Peston. Robert gives the lowdown on his new novel The Whistleblower, a thriller set in the world of media and politics in the late 1990s. He also chats to Fi and Jane about spotting sociopaths, wearing Miami Vice suits and lessons from his great uncle. Before Robert says hello we have reflections on submarine drama Vigil, Fi is angry and Jane has fallen in love again. Get in touch: [email protected]
  • 68. Dress smart, jock smart… with London Hughes
    Fi and Jane congratulate each other on winning Funniest Show at the ARIA radio awards! They’re joined by comedian and presenter London Hughes who shares stories about a nightmare date, her amazing dancing grandma, and overturning racial stereotypes.
  • 142. A Crevice in a Niche with Anne Tyler
    This week on Fortunately Fi and Jane are joined by American novelist Anne Tyler, all the way from Baltimore USA. Anne talks Fi and Jane through her household chore routine and how it came to feature in her new book, Redhead by the Side of the Road. The Pulitzer Prize winner also divulges why she likes visiting people with messy abodes, why she thinks poets are more competitive and hears Fi and Jane's take on some of her works. Before they chatted to one of their favourite authors, Fi and Jane discussed a certain trip to the North East by a Government Advisor. As well as that, matters broached include painless childbirth, Allan keys and the 1979 General Election. GET IN TOUCH: [email protected]

O Fortunately... with Fi and Jane

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Fortunately... with Fi and Jane

Fortunately... with Fi and Jane

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