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  • Liz Truss
    Despite finishing second in the vote amongst her Conservative parliamentary colleagues, Liz Truss is seen by many as the favourite to win the leadership contest when party members have their say. But who is the woman bidding to become the UK’s third female Prime Minister? Timandra Harkness follows her unconventional journey in British politics - from child of CND campaigners to preferred candidate of the political right. Presenter: Timandra Harkness Producers: Bob Howard and Ben Cooper
  • Rishi Sunak
    Just seven years after first entering Parliament as Conservative MP for Richmond, North Yorkshire, Rishi Sunak is now one vote away from becoming Prime Minister. From replacing party grandee William Hague to managing the country’s finances through the coronavirus pandemic, Mark Coles follows his journey in British politics and talks to those who know him outside the political world of Westminster. Presenter: Mark Coles Production team: Sally Abrahams, Diane Richardson and Ben Cooper Editor: Richard Vadon
  • Sarina Wiegman
    Born in the Netherlands, the England women's football manager had a successful playing career both at home and in the US, before hanging up her boots. Mark Coles tracks her journey from playing alongside boys at the age of six to the England dugout. Presenter: Mark Coles Production team: Sally Abrahams, Diane Richardson and Ben Cooper Editor: Richard Vadon
  • Nadhim Zahawi
    The new Chancellor who came to the UK as a child refugee, began a business selling Teletubbies merchandise and is now tipped by some to become Prime Minister. Mark Coles charts the meteoric rise to power of the man who's been in the cabinet less than a year. Presenter: Mark Coles Production team: Sally Abrahams and Kirsteen Knight Editor: Richard Vadon
  • Clarence Thomas
    Timandra Harkness tells the story of the the US Supreme Court Justice at the centre of overturning the right to abortion in America. How did he go from poverty in Georgia to highest court in the land? And why did his politics change from campaigning for black rights to anti-affirmative action conservatism?

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