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  • We Live Here Auténtico! | Harry 'Boom-Boom' Lopez | Coaching Latino Leaders to Level Up In Life
    [WLHA 007] We Live Here Auténtico! | Harry 'Boom-Boom' Lopez | Coaching Latino Leaders to Level Up In Life Today we level up with Harry “BOOM BOOM” who founded “Launch Latinx, a mindset and business coaching accelerator program that champions extraordinary Latino visionaries and coaches to access their potential. He writes and speaks on issues of personal and professional change.  Happiness, health, inspiration, mindful living and conscious business are key to his unique programs. that blends many of his experiences in coaching, spiritual psychology, executive leadership, and social impact. What does living Autentico mean to you? The never-ending pursuit of the liberation of one's soul. Living in full body alignment. Pursuit of a Mission far greater than oneself. To have truth and Integrity with oneself. About Harry His coaching career started when he was a third-grade professor in Tennessee back in 2012. he was assigned a coach who would come to his classroom week after week and provide him with feedback, mentorship and guidance. After seeing what coaching did for him, there was no turning back and Harry realized he wanted to have a similar impact in the lives of others. Harry received his bachelor’s degree from Vanderbilt University and his Master’s in Education from Lipscomb University and is a graduate of the Social Impact Strategy Program at the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Social Policy and Practice. In this episode of We Live Here Autentico, we spend time with transformational coach and leader in the consciousness industry, Harry Lopez, championing extraordinary Latinx visionaries, coaches & legends to their limitless potential. There is powerful science behind the consciousness movement and there’s no one better to learn from than transformational coach Harry “Boom Boom” Lopez. You’re going to learn how to activate your voice, power and love to take action toward your goals. We’re diving into the consciousness movement and how that work can help us. In this episode you’ll discover: What it means to have a coach The importance of navigating your career path How self-doubt and self-limiting thoughts (i.e. generational trauma or society expectations) leads to victimization and suffering Why vision trumps everything and is the only thing that will pull you out of the weeds when you want to stay in bed How to know and believe that you're good enough and you're worthy How to tap into your personal trauma and transform The science of mushrooms as medicine How intersecting and overlapping identities offer superpowers for powerful living Mentioned in this episode: Janie Flores, founder Buena Vida Media Instagram: @buenavidamedia Instagram: @janiefloreslive Twitter: @juanis111 Vanderbilt University Lipscomb University Social Impact Strategy Program /University of Pennsylvania’s School of Social Policy and Practice International Coaching Federation Teach For America Broward College Fulbright Scholarship Connections: Connect with Harry Lopez Launch Latinx provides opportunities and support to Latinx leaders and talent build high-profitable businesses and revolutionary movements from Instagram: @theharrylopez Instagram: @launchlatinx Linkedin Twitter: @lopezcoaching Twitter: @theharrylopez
  • We Live Here Auténtico! | Tania Interian | Opening Doors Fully, Bilingually and Authentically for Community
    What would you do? Arriving to a new country and having to start your life over? This is Tania’s story – It is the story of many immigrants and refugees - resilience, self-empowerment, rediscovery, family, hard work and success. Tania Interian is bilingual professional and attorney.  She is the owner of Tania Interian State Farm Agency and is the co-chair of the Latino Roundtable of Southwestern Illinois.  Listening to Tania’s journey will reassure you that you are on the right path – even with its challenges and struggles As you listen to Tania’s life journey, take time to reflect on your life challenges, how you overcame and how have those moments impact you today.
  • We Live Here Auténtico! | How Can I Help You? | Literacy, Service and a Librarian's Love Centers a City
    The folks of Fairmont City, Illinois didn’t realize how much they needed a library until they’d gotten one. It took some convincing. Thank goodness for Katie Heaton! She knew a good librarian puts their ear down, listens and really pays attention to the needs of their patrons. “You can hear the heartbeat of the community and when you hear that heartbeat, you can figure out what the needs are”, Katie says. Her goal was always to meet the needs of the people she served, whatever that need may be, from literacy to resources to broader partnerships and community services. Only 10 miles from St. Louis, Fairmont City is home for a small population of 2,381 with an average annual household income of around $50k according to 2020 census data. Why would this small town, with a poverty rate of 26.98% want to pay for something they’ve never had nor anticipated they’d really need? After all, when it came down to things of priority for this community, especially during the pandemic, a library did not top their list. Service providers and aid organizations reported food as first, then utility, rent, funeral assistance and mortgage assistance in that order. One bill that families consistently paid for, sometimes before they’d buy food was the phone bill. During COVID their smart-phones, tablets, computers, smart-TVs and streaming services were their connection to their jobs, teachers and medical providers. Fairmont City probably couldn’t imagine life without their library now and Katie is still excited to rise to the challenge every day. Libraries are gateways to knowledge and culture. They play a fundamental role in society. They are a place for personal growth and reinvention as well as a place for help to navigate this world in the information age. Libraries are a gathering place for civic and cultural engagement and a trusted place for preserving culture. For Katie Heaton and her Fairmont City library patrons, it is so much more. Need a boost to your ideas around positive community change and personal impact? This episode with Katie Heaton is a great place to start. Hear how a keen ear and concerned heart for helping people truly makes a difference.
  • We Live Here Auténtico! | Legacy, Community and Birria. For Tacos La Jefa...It's in the Sauce
    [WLHA 004]: We Live Here Auténtico! | Legacy, Community and Birria. For Tacos La Jefa…It's in the Sauce Today we are taking you on a delicious culinary journey to Tacos La Jefa in the heart of Dutchtown in St. Louis! Only sold on Saturdays, their delicious Birria and Quesabirria sell out EVERYTIME. Birria is a dish you cannot rush. It is a Mexican meaty stew from the state of Jalisco. The Quesabirria is a crunchy quesadilla with melted cheese and filled with hot, tender, juicy Birria meat that has been stained red by the chiles and spices that give it a deep, red color. Preparation is an extensive process so once they run out; they run out. This story begins with the matriarch of the Amezcua family – Heriberta Amezcua – also known as La Jefa, “the boss”. Heriberta’s legacy is celebrated every day at Tacos La Jefa. Her daughter, Elizabeth, walks us through the journey of opening the restaurant, a longtime dream of her mother. Her granddaughter, Diana is the gatekeeper of the delicious Birria recipe. So listen and enjoy this loving family and the impact “the boss” had on the family and on the community.
  • We Live Here Auténtico! | Emilia Serrano's Auténtica Unlocks Hollywood Gold
    Latin TV writer, Emilia Serrano is no stranger to uncomfortable scenarios. She knows what it’s like to feel like a fish out of water and to struggle with internal identity crises as a first-generation daughter of immigrant parents. As a teenager, Emilia and her family moved from Union City, California to Troy, Missouri. The small, mid-western town was as unfamiliar to her as she was to it. She had only known the predominantly Spanish-speaking community of her youth. In California, she wasn’t diverse either. She grew up constantly surrounded only by Latinos and her family. It was a culture shock for her. Those experiences shaped her so profoundly that they became inspirational gold for America’s BIG Screen. Along the way, she would use those experiences as story points for humor or something that someone else could relate to and she's taken her stories all the way to Hollywood! “Sometimes all the crappy things and all your trauma can actually make you money down on paper”, she quips. “It was oftentimes such a struggle and culturally challenging, but then that's exactly what helps me write stories now.” Her time in America's Heartland and the nurturing influence of her community and family honed her skill as a “Son”-solid storyteller in her own right. Her dad (a mechanic) and her mom (a mariachi-singer) guided her to fight through tough battles and to find her voice. She is proud of her Mexican American culture and her authentic stories reflect her passion to see more inclusive onscreen characters who reflect the real people in her life and culture. And she’s winning! Emilia Serrano is co-executive producer of major network television shows like, Promised Land, Mixed*Ish and High School Musical - The Series. Emilia’s creativity and skills have attracted the attention of major production houses. She recently sold exclusive content to Columbia Pictures, Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions and for actress, producer and director, America Ferrera. In this episode: - What is code switching? - What inspires Emilia’s writing for the Silver Screen - Where she gets her captivating storytelling ability and learned how use her voice to command attention - The routine she employs when writing a feature - How our stories and experiences, as well as our traumas and challenges, shape who we are and the ways we navigate life - Ways Ranchera Music is much like Mariachi Music - Her mantra, “Stick to Your Truth”, and ways it gives her power - Challenges of leading positive change and shaping Latinx identity in the entertainment industry - How the wide popularity and consumption of Latino media translates to actual Latino representation (or not) - How representation in media contributes to visibility, identity, belief - Mistakes that Hollywood continues to make - Why she only works on Brown and Black shows - How to minimize stereo types, advance dialog and develop a layered story - What makes a good story? - What’s next for Emilia’s big hits Learn more: IG: @mexemilia

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