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Podcast The Media Show

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  • It's... another true crime show!
    Crime and true crime has always been big business in films and books. But when Serial exploded onto the scene almost eight years ago it launched a whole new genre; the true crime podcast. Now with the major broadcasters and streaming services involved, it seems like we just can’t get enough of solved and unsolved crimes. And it’s not just criminal cases - this week we’ve seen the insatiable interest surrounding the Wagatha Christie verdict, the TV rights are already sold. TV cameras are also now allowed into criminal courts for sentencing right across the UK. So today we take a look at how the public appetite for true crime has led to one of the biggest production booms in years, and ask where it might lead. Mark Williams-Thomas is an investigative reporter, former detective and new global head of investigations for the regional publisher Newsquest. Suruthi Bala is co-host of the Redhanded podcast which tells the stories of an incredible range of criminal cases and unusual mysteries from around the world. Will Hanrahan is co-founder of First Look TV, a production company that specializes in True Crime. Persephone Bridgman Baker is a partner with the legal firm Carter-Ruck. Abi Clarke is the host of the 'It's... Wagatha Christie' podcast and also a huge True Crime fan. Presenter: Datshiane Navanayagam Producer: Helen Fitzhenry
  • Into the Metaverse
    In October 2021, Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook would change its name to Meta, reflecting its shift towards “the Metaverse”. Today, the concept is central to the strategies of the world’s biggest tech companies – including Google, Amazon, Apple and Microsoft – who are spending billions of dollars to build it. But what exactly is the Metaverse, how will it work, and what are the opportunities and dangers ahead? Matthew Ball is a venture capitalist, former head of strategy at Amazon Studios, and now author of "The Metaverse, And How It Will Revolutionise Everything". He joins Ros Atkins for a special edition of The Media Show, dedicated to what some are calling “the next internet”. Producer: Dan Hardoon Presenter: Ros Atkins Editor: Richard Hooper Studio engineer: Emma Harth
  • Inside the Tory TV showdowns
    There’s a balance of risk and reward for any politician taking part in a TV debate but what's at stake for the presenters? Julie Etchingham and Krishnan Guru-Murthy both grilled the Conservatives candidates for PM over the weekend. They tell us about the negotiating, the cajoling and the hard graft that makes these live TV events happen, and whether you can ever predict what will make candidates get personal. Sky News announced this week that Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss had declined to take part in their planned third debate, effectively cancelling it. Their head of newsgathering Jonathan Levy tells us what he wants to do to take this power out of the politicians hands in future.
  • The Race for the Tory Crown
    What role does the press play in choosing the next Conservative leader? How do you cover an election campaign that most of the public doesn’t have a say in? And what might all of this mean for Channel 4’s planned privatisation – next week’s Media Bill, which would have included details of the sale, has now been delayed. Guests: Fraser Nelson, Editor, The Spectator, Paul Mason, journalist and campaigner, Rosamund Urwin, Media Editor, The Sunday Times , Hardeep Matharu, Editor, Byline Times and Chris Hopkins, Political Research Director, Savanta ComRes Presenter: Katie Razzall Producer: Helen Fitzhenry
  • How Boris Johnson lost the press
    These are perilous moments for Boris Johnson. As we witness a stream of resignations from his government we look at the role the media has played in this latest scandal. From disastrous broadcast media rounds to increasingly hostile editorials, we’ve seen how politics, power and the press intertwine. With Michael Crick political journalist and author, Jane Martinson Columnist and Marjorie Deane Professor of Financial Journalism at City, Joey Jones spokesman for Theresa May when she was Home Secretary and former deputy political editor at Sky News, James Ball, who writes for the New Statesman, Eleanor Langford, lobby journalist at Politics Home and Kate McCann, political Editor at Talk TV. Presenter: Ros Atkins Producer: Helen Fitzhenry

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