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Podcast Relay FM - Clockwise
Podcast Relay FM - Clockwise

Relay FM - Clockwise


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  • 463: You Presume I Have a Strategy
    We discuss the future of folding phones, the utility of wild Apple rumors, how parents monitor social media, and our travel charging strategies of the moment.
  • 462: Syncing on a Boat? Sounds Dangerous
    How we store and share files in the cloud, the streaming video services we go to when we're looking for something new to watch, the one computer or tablet we'd use if we could only use one, and our webcam setups.
  • 461: I Make the Guests Cry
    Dan had a baby so we discuss tech advice for new parents and our favorite toys. But we also dig into invasive network video cameras, the ruination of Instagram, and if VR is ever going to be a thing.
  • 460: 9000 Ginger Emoji
    How we pay online, in stores, and elsewhere. How we use (or wish we could use) our smartphones to aid in travel. The data we'd like to see on our iPhone Lock Screen. Our three favorite emoji and a new emoji we're most excited about.
  • 459: I Neither Tik Nor Tok
    Digital lending, when to install public betas, our favorite utility apps, and how we feel about TikTok's algorithm changes.

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Relay FM - Clockwise

Relay FM - Clockwise

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