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  • Holidays
    After two years of Covid restrictions, much of the world has now opened back up and plenty of us are planning to take full advantage this summer. But what if it all goes wrong? What are you entitled to? What kind of insurance cover should you get? And how can you make sure you have a happy holiday? Felicity Hannah, along with a panel of experts, are here to give you the answers on all things travel. Panel: Simon Calder - travel journalist Lisa Minot - travel editor - The Sun Producer: Drew Hyndman and Di Richardson Editor: Richard Fenton-Smith
  • How changes at the top of government could affect your money
    It's been quite the week in politics and on this week's Money Box we'll take a look at what it could mean for your personal finances. One of the biggest challenges the next PM will face is the economy and the many households feeling the squeeze. It's thought some of the candidates favour tax cuts, but there's also pressure to increase taxes to control government borrowing. Heather Self a tax expert at Blick Rothenberg and Tom Selby from the investment company AJ Bell will discuss. According to a new report, out on Monday, more people are falling behind with at least one household bill as the cost of living rises. Money Box has been given an early look at the Coronavirus Financial Impact Tracker, which suggests one-in-six households are now ‘in serious financial difficulty' compared to one-in-ten in October. Debt is also climbing - particularly among people who were already struggling. We'll speak to Professor Sharon Collard from the University of Bristol, who is one of the authors of the financial impact report which is funded by the Aberdeen Financial Fairness Trust. Plus advice from the debt charity Stepchange. Also, if you ignore a current account for too long - can your bank really take your money? And how hard is it to get it back? Our reporter Dan Whitworth investigates. Presenter: Felicity Hannah Reporter: Dan Whitworth Researcher: Sandra Hardial Editor: Jess Quayle (First broadcast 12pm Saturday 9th July, 2022)
  • The Cost of Cancer
    Getting a cancer diagnosis can be a scary and fraught time, before you even begin to consider the financial pressures. Affording time out of work, the cost of getting to appointments, or even the price of drugs in different parts of the country can present issues for many. Ruth Alexander is joined by a panel of experts to hear caller experiences of the costs of cancer. Panel: Ceinwen Giles - Shine Richard Pugh - Macmillan Producer: Drew Hyndman and Amber Mehmood Editor: Beatrice Pickup
  • What do National Insurance changes mean for you?
    From 6th July, everyone in work will see a cut in the taxes they pay. It's because the level of pay at which National Insurance begins will be raised. Two million people on part-time low pay will not pay any national insurance at all. Ministers say it's a tax cut of 330 pounds per year for a typical employee, but that is not the whole picture. The rate of national insurance rose three months ago. So this cut is in a tax that is already costing millions of workers more. We'll hear from families in Stockport on how their income is being squeezed and speak to the Minister responsible for tax policy Lucy Frazer, the Financial Secretary to the Treasury. If you are a victim of crime it is most likely that your money is stolen through fraud. New figures out this week showed the amount stolen and the number of victims rose substantially last year - as they have every year that the figures have been collected. We'll get reaction from Her Majesty's Inspector of Constabulary, Matt Parr. A new act banning ground rents for most new residential leases in England and Wales came into force this week. It's part of the government’s Leasehold Reform plans. We'll find out more about the new rules from a legal specialist in leasehold. Plus, why has a much anticipated code of practice designed to regulate the private parking sector been withdrawn? Presenter: Paul Lewis Reporter: Dan Whitworth Researcher: Sandra Hardial Editor: Jess Quayle (First broadcast at 12pm, Saturday 2nd July, 2022)
  • Fraud
    Fraudsters are always trying to get at our money, and the pandemic has changed their tactics and their access to our data. Felicity Hannah and our expert panel discuss the latest fraud figures, how to protect yourself, what your rights are, and what to do if you're targeted by scammers. Reporter: Dan Whitworth Producer: Drew Hyndman Editor: Justin Bones and Elisabeth Mahy

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