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Podcast KCRW To the Point
Podcast KCRW To the Point

KCRW To the Point


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  • Diablo Canyon: Can the nuclear plant work safely for 10 more years?
    What are the risks of keeping the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant open? And an atheist and Muslim agree on what happens when people find religion through politics.
  • Is catastrophic news coverage fit for human consumption?
    Does the news really have to be all that bad, or does our addiction to catastrophe drive outlets to deliver what sells? How might today’s media be fixed?
  • SCOTUS strikes down concealed-carry law. Is gun control in danger?
    What to expect of the Supreme Court’s decision to ease conceal-carry restrictions, Biden’s new gun safety law, and the Sandy Hook lawsuit? Then, does it matter if Russia leaves the International Space Station?
  • Baby formula crisis reveals dangers of too little competition in US economy
    Why does America’s baby formula shortage continue? Also, Norm Eisen’s new book traces corruption from the Trump White House to the rest of the country. 
  • UN won’t end Russia-Ukraine war, diversity can threaten democracy
    The United Nations can’t stop Russia’s war on Ukraine. And author Yascha Mounk says more diversity is a threat to democracy, but he’s still hopeful. 

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KCRW To the Point

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