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  • A Web3 Primer with Jarrod Dicker
    Jarrod Dicker, the former Commercial VP of Washington Post and CEO of, is back on Adlandia in his new role as General Partner at TCG (The Chernin Group).   Jarrod talks through the fundamentals of Web3, if and where brands should be hopping in, who on the client-side should be leading the charge, and his thoughts on legacy media co-existing with on-chain up-and-comers.      We also jam on why early content marketing signaled the current state of advertising and marketing, and the future of membership and community.  If anyone understands the intersection of legacy media and Web3 it’s Jarrod - this one’s not to be missed.  Learn more about your ad-choices at
  • Marketing for Longevity, Not Leasing, with Michaella Solar-March
    Former CMO of Tishman Speyer and newly appointed CMO of Moelis Australia Hospitality Management, Michaella Solar-March joins us for a conversation around community x physical spaces x commerce. Michaella talks to us about innovating legacy real estate asset, Rockefeller Center - turning it into an experience that echoes authentic New York. She shares how her team evolved the thinking of one of the largest real-estate property management and development companies in the world - moving one of the biggest campuses in NYC from transactional to transformational, including the process for aligning the organization to embrace (and act on) the hospitality-inspired thinking she brought to the brand. Plus don’t miss her BUY, BYE, BY.   Our partners at Yieldmo return for part 3 of our 4-part series on how they are reimagining contextual targeting. Learn more about your ad-choices at
  • Getting Specific with Monica Padman of Armchair Expert
    Monica Padman, Co-creator, Co-host and Producer of the ever-expanding Armchair Expert podcast umbrella joins us in Adlandia. Monica talks about why relatability is key and opens unexpected introductions. Monica also explains how creating a safe space for their guests allows the shows to explore vulnerable topics and how her work as an improv actor taught that going super specific is the greatest way to be universally relevant. She also walks us through how marketers can better tune into and collaborate with creators, and her wish list of brand partnerships. Plus, don't miss Laura and Alexa debate whether more is more when it comes to media buying models.  Our partners at Yieldmo return for part 2 of our 4-part series on how they are reimagining contextual targeting. Learn more about your ad-choices at
  • Building and Scaling Niche with Morning Brew
    Alex Lieberman (Executive Chairman) and Austin Rief (CEO) of Morning Brew drop by Adlandia to talk about their newsletter’s college campus start and future roadmap to serve their 3MM+ subscribers. Hear how they are finding product market fit, building and scaling niche audiences, and creating horizontal extensions for IP franchises including commerce ideas and curriculum services for the next generation of business leaders. Ted Lasso x Morning Brew collaboration anyone? Plus, our partners from Yieldmo return for a new 4-part series on how they are reimagining contextual targeting. Learn more about your ad-choices at
  • You Said, We Did with Dara Treseder
    On this episode we're catching up with Peloton's SVP of Global Marketing and Communications, Dara Tresder, to talk all things Peloton - from brand access to programming to influence and beyond. Dara gives us insight into Peloton's data-driven "you said, we did" approach to supporting members as well as a look into the brand's communications framework. Plus, the power of community and Dara's thoughts on creative effectiveness and brand authenticity. See you on the leaderboard, Adlandia!  Learn more about your ad-choices at

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