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  • The end of the 'eternal' glacier?
    Indonesia's famous 'Eternity Glacier' in Papua province is shrinking fast, and experts say it could disappear by 2024. Meanwhile many of the glaciers of the Andes in South America are also on the retreat. Valdya Baraputri of BBC Indonesian and BBC Mundo's Alejandra Martins share this story of climate change in their regions. Black and Arab How are black people across the Arab region affected by racism? For BBC Arabic, Nareeman Dosa reports from Tunisia, the first Arab country to make racial discrimination a criminal offence. Nareeman is a black woman of Sudanese heritage and her documentary, Black and Arab, also led to discoveries about her own identity. India and Pakistan: 75 years after Partition To mark 75 years since India and Pakistan’s independence and the Partition, BBC Hindi and BBC Urdu have collaborated to make a podcast series called Baat Sarhad Paar or Conversations Across The Border. Big names from music, art and literature in both countries discuss their shared culture and how this chapter of history affects people today. Asif Farooqi of BBC Urdu and Rupa Jha from BBC Delhi explore the connections. Goodbye to Bangkok's 'fast and furious' Number 8 bus The buses operating on Bangkok's Number 8 route are famous for their sometimes alarming speed and reckless driving, earning them the nickname 'fast and furious'. But the authorities have decided to remove them from the roads. BBC Thai's Tossapol Chaisamritpol was a frequent traveller on the Number 8 and shares his stories. (Photo: Carstensz Glacier. Credit: Gr8ph1cs via gettyimages)
  • What next for women in football?
    What are the victories - and challenges - for women's football around the world? After a video of the England women's victory dance went viral, we hear from Laura Garcia from BBC Mundo and Alma Hassoun from BBC Arabic about how football has empowered women players in their regions. Kashmir, three years on It has been three years since the Indian government revoked the special status of Jammu and Kashmir. Security forces were deployed, and the region was cut off from most lines of communication. Aamir Peerzada of BBC Indian languages is from Kashmir and was reporting from there at the time. He shares his memories. The Bandit Warlords of Zamfara In northwestern Nigeria, ultra-violent bandit gangs raid villages, attack drivers, abduct schoolchildren and kill anyone who resists. Hausa villagers have formed vigilante militias to defend themselves, but have allegedly killed innocent people. BBC Africa Eye's Yusuf Anka takes us into the heart of Nigeria’s worst security crisis. Human trafficking from Vietnam to Cambodia A new case of modern slavery has been revealed in Cambodia, where Vietnamese people are being lured with the promise of jobs in the gambling industry. Once over the border, their possessions are confiscated and they are made to work long hours and live in sub-human conditions. For BBC Vietnamese, Thu Bui spoke to victims and their rescuers. (Photo: Mary Earp dances on the Press Conference table surrounded by the England team. Credit: Sarah Stier, UEFA/UEFA via Getty Images)
  • Iran’s recent crackdown
    Women in Iran have been sharing videos of themselves taking off their hijabs in public in protest at the growing pressure regarding the mandatory headscarf. Meanwhile the Iranian parliament may soon approve a bill which will severely restrict pet ownership. Taraneh Stone of BBC Persian and Ali Hamedani discuss why the government seems to be enforcing stricter rules. Reporting Sri Lanka Sri Lanka has experienced months of turmoil with mass protests over the island's economic crisis, leading to the flight of President Gotabaya Rajapaksa earlier this month. His successor Ranil Wickremesinghe has imposed a state of emergency until mid-August. It's been one dramatic development after another for BBC Sinhala's Colombo-based reporters Ranga Sirilal and Shirly Upul Kumara. A Nigerian world record This week Nigerian hurdler Tobi Amusan broke the world record in the women's 100m hurdles, and won the first ever gold medal for Nigeria at the World Athletics Championships. BBC Africa's Peter Okwoche tells us more about her, and what the win means to Nigerians. Drama Queen Drama Queen is a ground-breaking podcast series presented in Hindi and Urdu by the BBC’s Samrah Fatima. It tells the stories of men and women who are accused of being ‘drama queens’ if they speak out about their struggles. Samrah explains why she wanted to tackle the deeply rooted social issues that are common to both India and Pakistan, and show how people have been able to forge new paths for themselves. (Photo: A woman in Islamic dress walks past a shop window. Credit: Morteza Nikoubazi/ NurPhoto via Getty Images)
  • The cost of keeping Putin Covid free
    Around $54.6m was spent on measures to protect President Vladimir Putin from Covid in 2020 and 2021, according to openly available data from Russian state sources. Sergei Goryashko of BBC Russian explains how this money was spent and why the measures seem to be continuing. Afghan women BBC Afghan's Pashto and Dari services have launched a new radio programme. It's called 'Women' and aims to provide information, inspiration and entertainment to Afghan women and girls now mostly confined at home. Presenters Shazia Haya and Aalia Farzan share their motivations, laughter, and memories of mothers back home. Heatwave in Pakistan's Cholistan desert Livestock herders and their flocks in Pakistan's Cholistan desert are used to extreme heat. But this year temperatures of 50 degrees were recorded months earlier than usual, and hundreds of animals have died. BBC Urdu's Umer Draz Nangiana visited farmers in remote villages to hear their stories. Vietnam's hot weather surcharge Consumers are used to companies adding on surcharges for this and that - but the ride hailing and delivery app Grab went just a bit too far for users in Vietnam with its recent hot weather fee. BBC Vietnamese journalist Thuong Le followed the story. A trip to the Belgrade lido Over the summer months, people in the Serbian capital Belgrade can cool off at a beach minutes from the city centre. The much-loved lido is on an island in the River Danube, and Slobodan Maricic recently joined regulars there for BBC Serbian. (Photo: Russian President Vladimir Putin wearing protective gear March 2020. Credit: Alexey Druzhinin/Sputnik/AFP via Getty Images)
  • Ukraine’s art and culture under attack
    Artworks taken from collections, museums destroyed: Anastasia Soroka and Grigor Atenasian explore what's been happening to Ukraine's cultural heritage since the war began, in a special BBC Russian report. From Venezuela to Peru Guillermo Olmo is the first BBC Mundo correspondent to be based in Peru. Originally from Spain, he spent a couple of years reporting from Venezuela during a time of protests and economic crisis. So what's it like to shift to a new, quieter country? A Somali perspective on the Mo Farah story The British Olympic champion Sir Mo Farah made headlines this week after revealing that he was illegally brought to the UK as a child. He said he was given the name Mohamed Farah, and made to work as a domestic servant. BBC Somali’s Sidiiq Burmad is based in Somaliland, where Sir Mo was born. Why have so many Jordanians lost faith in their government? A puppet, a prime minister and a pundit – they all feature in a report by BBC Arabic’s Murad Shishani from his home country, Jordan. He was investigating recent survey results showing that trust in the government is the lowest it's been for more than a decade. He tells us what he found out. K-pop's plastic problem In the age of online streaming, K-pop fans still buy multiple physical CDs to get the promotions and merchandise attached to them. But now many are voicing concern about the environmental impact, and demanding a change in the behaviour of bands and fans. BBC Korean's Bugyeong Jung looked into the story. (Photo: Russian journalists remove portrait of Arkhip Kuindzhi, painted by his pupil Grigory Kalmykov, from Mariupul Kuindzhi Art Museum basement. Credit: Screenshot from UNION TV Channel)

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