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Podcast Relay FM - Material

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  • 372: Get The Message
    Andy and Flo are happy to be reunited. They tell tales of their favorite New York City times and discuss the hard choice of going out during still-COVID times. Then, the two gawk and squee over everything Samsung announced this week, from its foldables to its buds. And they offer their expert opinion on why Google's #getthemessage campaign is too little too late.
  • 371: All Your Questions Answered
    Andy's doing another solo show this week, as Flo is off on assignment. It's a bummer because Flo would have loved participating in this week's opening banter on Jerry Lewis and Andy's Google Home Mini. Andy discusses Samsung's new repair mode on its Galaxy smartphones and Stadia's exit from the Google Store. He also performs a live reaction to a video Apple posted this week convincing Android users to come to iOS.
  • 370: Sustainable Value
    This week, we're checking in with Google. The Q2 2022 financial results are out, and while the Search Giant is doing fine, it will have to rethink a few other elements of the business. (Chromebooks aren't doing so hot!) Then, a few updates: Gmail's Material Redesign is rolling out to everyone, and Google Maps adds a few new helpful features. We'll also discuss some new features to ChromeOS next month, including virtual desks and video editing.
  • 369: And Now, For Some Distractions
    Andy is melting, but he's still intact enough to sit and chat with Flo about what makes the Google Pixel 6a so compelling. Reviews came out this week, including Flo's, and we're going through all the reasons why you might want Google's mid-ranger. Don't forget that the Pixel Buds Pro is also on the roster. Then, we'll discuss Google's latest Glass experiments and what to expect. We also wish a friend luck on an endeavor into waters that have been proven murky.
  • 368: Where Did Google Stuff the Bodies?
    Don't worry. The podcast isn't grim this week. We're talking about physical staffers at Google _right now_ and why the company is imposing a hiring slowdown to deal with the recession. But before we get into that, we'll tell you about Flo's experience with the Nothing Phone (1) and where she thinks it fits into the global Android zeitgeist. We'll also tell you why Google worries about TikTok and Instagram taking away precious eyes.

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Relay FM - Material

Relay FM - Material

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