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Podcast Over to You
Podcast Over to You

Over to You


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  • Exploring media freedom in Kenya during elections
    Ahead of crucial elections in Kenya, we ask the BBC’s deployment editor for East Africa what challenges the team face in reporting on the candidates. And a listener asks if complex issues are being over simplified. And why do some news programmes have technical failures with dropped and garbled calls? We investigate. Presenter Rajan Datar. Producer Howard Shannon.
  • Discovering the Large Hadron Collider
    The Discovery programme recently returned to the Large Hadron Collider under the Swiss-French border, 10 years after the discovery of the Higgs Boson particle. But can you really make complex physics accessible to a general audience? The show’s presenter and series producer Roland Pease answers your questions. Plus, how a simple Ukrainian piano Tweet by the BBC’s Steve Rosenberg in Moscow captivated listeners. Presenter: Rajan Datar. Producer: Howard Shannon A Whistledown production for BBC World Service
  • Is the BBC committed to achieving impartiality?
    The BBC says it is committed to achieving due impartiality in all its output. But new research into its British audience says there is a perception that the corporation is not fulfilling its remit. So where does that leave the BBC World Service? We investigate what impartiality means to you and speak with the BBCs director of editorial policy and standards, David Jordan. Presenter: Rajan Datar Producer: Howard Shannon
  • A compelling story of women’s football in Ukraine
    Surviving the Siege of Mariupol told of the experiences of Mariupolchanka FC, a professional women’s football team in southern Ukraine. Listeners tell us what they thought about this compelling story. Plus, Hidden Sport took its audience on a global journey to discover the world’s lesser-known sports. But how were the sports chosen? We find out. Presenter Rajan Datar. Producer Howard Shannon.
  • Has the war given disinformation a boost?
    We return to the ongoing issue which is worrying many listeners: disinformation. Has the war in Ukraine made tackling it a more urgent priority? How does the BBC’s team differentiate between fact and fiction, and is social media in some way to blame? We ask the BBC’s disinformation editor, Rebecca Skippage, where priorities lie. Plus, was the right terminology used in the documentary series Black Music in Europe? A listener in Kenya says not. Presenter: Rajan Datar Producer: Howard Shannon

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Over to You

Over to You

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