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KCRW Scheer Intelligence

KCRW Scheer Intelligence

Podcast KCRW Scheer Intelligence
Podcast KCRW Scheer Intelligence

KCRW Scheer Intelligence


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  • That time the KKK tried to kill Paul Robeson
    Joel Whitney, the author of “Finks,” joins Robert Scheer to discuss a little-told episode in the socialist actor and singer’s life and why it’s seemingly been erased from our collective memory.
  • Katie Halper: ‘Trump broke liberals’ brains’
    The comedian and host of two popular progressive podcasts offers her take on why the American left keeps getting things wrong.
  • Fist bumping the dictator we pretend to love
    Former Mideast CIA operative John Kiriakou discusses his recent trip covering Biden in Saudi Arabia and what he’s learned about America’s “special relationship” with the country. 
  • Saving broke and broken America, one town at a time.
    Michelle Wilde Anderson speaks to Robert Scheer about how four working class towns struggling with poverty and broke governments still managed to progress. 
  • Vietnam War veteran Ron Kovic, author of “Born on the Fourth of July” and subject of Oliver Stone’s iconic Vietnam War film, will mark his 76 th birthday watching a war that portends the end of civilization
    At a time when the war that could end civilization escalates, peace activist Ron Kovic marks his July 4 birthday sounding the alarm about the true costs of war, a sentiment shared by his girlfriend of 16 years, TerriAnn Ferren.

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KCRW Scheer Intelligence

KCRW Scheer Intelligence

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