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Podcast KCRW Press Play

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  • Should LAUSD return to remote learning amid Omicron?
    LAUSD classrooms are seeing major disruptions as the district grapples with record COVID rates among students and staff. Two educators, who are also parents, share their back-to-school experiences.  On President Joe Biden’s first day in office, he unveiled a 200-page plan to beat COVID-19. What are the administration’s pandemic successes and failures? Critics review new international film releases: “Stop Zemlia,” “The Pink Cloud,” “Lunana: A Yak in the Classroom,” and “A Hero.” Chopped salad began in 1937 with Hollywood’s Brown Derby Cobb. Like the current TikTok salad craze, bowls of chopped ingredients have been viral ever since.
  • Work heavily shapes American identity. How can we change it?
    The authors of “Out of Office” discuss how telecommuting can make people feel an unhealthy need to constantly work, and why it’s problematic to tie so much of your identity to your job.  The threat of war looms along the Russian-Ukrainian border, where nearly 100,000 Russian troops are stationed.  The White House says Russia could attack Ukraine at any point.  Today AT&T and Verizon activated 5G service to millions of cellphones in select U.S. cities. But if you live within two miles of an airport, you’re stuck with 4G. André Leon Talley was the first Black man to serve as Vogue’s creative director, pushing for racial and gender diversity in fashion. He died Tuesday at age 73.
  • Texas hostage situation is another example of extremism in America
    Following Saturday’s hostage situation in Texas, LA rabbi Steve Leder shares why local places of worship prioritize security training.  Eleven people involved in the 2020 U.S. Capitol insurrection have now been charged with seditious conspiracy, including the leader of The Oath Keepers. All women will eventually go through menopause, which brings hot flashes, impaired sleep, dry skin, weight gain, and more. It’s important to become informed in your 30s and 40s. Some parents and TV critics say “Euphoria” is too graphic and dangerous for young people to watch. But the 2.4 million viewers disagree as they tuned in for the show’s long-awaited return.
  • MLK Jr. Day with Black leaders Jacqueline Stewart and Anita Hill
    On this Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Press Play re-airs two interviews from 2021 with inspiring Black women: Film historian Jacqueline Stewart, who’s the head of programming at LA’s Academy Museum, plus Anita Hill, author of “Believing.”
  • ‘I cannot believe we are doing this again.’ CA hospital staff stressed by 3rd year of pandemic
    An influx of patients is straining already short-staffed hospitals, and some have canceled elective surgeries, including Providence Holy Cross Medical Center in the San Fernando Valley. “Hillbilly Elegy” author JD Vance is a GOP candidate for the Senate in Ohio, and he appears to have modeled himself after Donald Trump. KCRW gets reviews for the newest films: “Scream,” “Italian Studies,” “Belle,” and “Hotel Transylvania.” A perennial plant will last many seasons, often growing more robust as years go by. Here are tips on growing them in your home garden.

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KCRW Press Play

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