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The Florida Roundup | WLRN

The Florida Roundup | WLRN

Podcast The Florida Roundup | WLRN
Podcast The Florida Roundup | WLRN

The Florida Roundup | WLRN


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  • Fire devastates Cuban oil supply, and voting on the Inflation Reduction Act
    A fire in Matanzas, Cuba, destroyed four oil tankers, worsening the country's desperate energy situation. Also, The U.S. House is expected to vote today on the Inflation Reduction Act, a package of actions that includes allowing the federal government’s Medicare health plan to negotiate prices for some prescription drugs.
  • Affordable housing at the cost of the Agricultural Reserve, and a plan to rehome the homeless on Virginia Key
    Palm Beach County approved plans to build affordable housing in the county's Agriculture Reserve, but the plan has environmentalists sounding alarms. In Miami-Dade County, a plan to build mini-homes for the homeless on Virginia Key has brought out many voices of dissent.
  • Inflation and back-to-school goods, home insurance downgrades, and Miami-Dade flooding predictions
    Parents, teachers, and school districts are adjusting to inflated prices for school supplies ahead of the new school year. Also, many home insurance companies are at risk of downgrades. Plus, what would Miami-Dade County look like if it were hit by Hurricane Irma in 30 years?
  • Testimony begins in Cruz death penalty trial, and no sex ed for Miami-Dade public school students
    The jury began hearing testimonies this week for Nikolas Cruzes penalty trial, and will decide if he lives or dies. Also, the Miami-Dade school board rejected the health education curriculum for middle and high schools students that they previously approved, meaning students will not have sex education classes.
  • Instability in Haiti, and a big expansion for a coral reef sanctuary
    Haiti has been troubled by gang violence, food and water scarcity and a need for humanitarian aid. What will the U.N. do? The Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary aims to expand by almost 1,000 square miles.

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The Florida Roundup | WLRN

The Florida Roundup | WLRN

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