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  • The future of medical virtual reality
    We take a look at virtual reality as it helps surgeons in Brazil work with colleagues in Britain on an operation to separate twins joined at the head. As global temperatures rise how do we keep data centres cool in a power efficient end environmentally friendly way. Teaching technology in Africa - the founder of a school in Lesotho tells us how it got started. And should records ditch vinyl to go green? (Picture credit: Getty Images)
  • The battle over encrypted messaging
    The head of WhatsApp signals the firm will resist efforts to weaken its encryption, as the UK and EU look to enact legislation that could compel firms to scan messages.
  • Is Tesla in trouble?
    On Tech Tent this week, tech journalist Charles Arthur on the troubles at Tesla. The boss of Tinder tells our reporter Shiona McCallum how she wants to make the dating platform safer. The creator of an app to help children with type diabetes on his troubles with the Google playstore. And Robert Metcalfe, associate professor of Economics at the University of Southern California, on the powerful way fake reviews warp our online shopping habits.
  • Twitter and Elon Musk: The deal goes sour
    As Twitter launches legal action to compel Elon Musk to complete a takeover he says he now wants to stop, Silicon Valley tech reporter James Clayton and New York business correspondent, Michelle Fleury join us to take stock of how what was meant to be the biggest deal in tech has turned into the industry's biggest row instead. Tech Tent also speaks to Carl Pei as he launches the Nothing One and attempts to shake up the smartphone market. China analyst Kerry Allen tells us about screen time for Chinese children being strictly limited over the summer holidays - and why Heardle fans are unhappy about it being bought by Spotify.
  • How Wimbledon has gone high tech
    This week Tech Tent comes from the Wimbledon tennis championships, in London, and finds out about the sophisticated AI systems powering match predictions, with Kevin Farrar, from IBM. Alexandra Willis, Communications and Marketing Director at Wimbledon, discusses how this most traditional of tournaments is venturing ever furter into online and virtual worlds. And away from the tennis, cyber reporter Joe Tidy explains the latest steps Apple is taking against Spyware like Pegasus- and brings us an intriguing update on a cyber attack on an Iranian steel mill.

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