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World in Progress | Deutsche Welle

World in Progress | Deutsche Welle

Podcast World in Progress | Deutsche Welle
Podcast World in Progress | Deutsche Welle

World in Progress | Deutsche Welle


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  • Surviving as trans in Iran
    What if the identity you were given at birth didn’t fit with how you felt on the inside? And try as you might, dressing, speaking and existing in a certain way just didn’t feel right — in fact, it felt wrong. Millions of people share this struggle worldwide, and for those living in Iran, the fight for transgender equality is shaped by the country’s determination to prevent same-sex relationships.
  • Speaking truth to power
    As the war in Ukraine rages on, we look at the fallout in Ukraine's neighboring countries Belarus and Russia. Russians in opposition to President Vladimir Putin have fled the country in fear of repression. And in neighboring Belarus, Putin's ally Alexander Lukashenko is clamping down on Belarusian language and heritage. Many were arrested and their books destroyed.
  • Breaking Free: New Starts and Big Ideas
    How Freddie Mercury inspired youth behind the iron curtain/ Meet African climate activist Adenike Oladosu from Nigeria/ Italian restaurant projects helps migrants' integration and enhances culinary diversity
  • Brazil's Karipuna fighting for their forest
    On this show: In Brazil, the Karipuna people are threatened by criminal gangs as they try to protect their ancient forest from destruction, despite death threats ++ From her exile in the US, a journalist from Iran is fighting for women's rights ++ Nigerian tiktok star uses humour to expose people's strange ideas about Africa
  • How old is too old to work?
    Despite reaching retirement age, work never stops for civil servants in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Many civil servants are well past 70, sometimes even over 100 years old. They hold on to their jobs and their salaries. In Japan, some seniors also choose to continue working part-time jobs – to boost their pensions and because they believe it helps stave off dementia.

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World in Progress | Deutsche Welle

World in Progress | Deutsche Welle

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