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Relay FM - Isometric

Podcast Relay FM - Isometric
Podcast Relay FM - Isometric

Relay FM - Isometric


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  • 102: Disruption Is Here!
    Isometric may be over, but Disruption is just starting! Go subscribe to our new show at!
  • 101: Bad Ideas for Isometric
    So long, and thanks for all the hand turkeys. (But come listen to us on Disruption, starting next week!)
  • 100: This Space Pope is Evil
    Hey, could you follow me so I can send you a DM?
  • 99: Georgia Is Very Very Responsible
    With Georgia off searching for the final Wii U, Steve holds back tears while confronting the Wii U's impending demise, Mikah describes what it was like to play the Dreamcast as a zygote, and Bri doubles down on her feuds with all the other podcasts.
  • 98: A Case of Lumber Poisoning
    Steve tries to talk about Oculus games and Playstation VR while Bri gathers evidence against Georgia, Mikah gets queasy thinking about riding roller coasters with a VR headset, and Charles helps bring Georgia's inexcusable behavior to light.

O Relay FM - Isometric

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Relay FM - Isometric

Relay FM - Isometric

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