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  • 07/08/2022
    Tense Tracy is cracking the whip, and Lynda has a proposition for Adil.
  • 05/08/2022
    Writer, Liz John Director, Julie Beckett Editor, Jeremy Howe Helen Archer ….. Louiza Patikas Natasha Archer ….. Mali Harries Pat Archer ….. Patricia Gallimore Tom Archer ….. William Troughton Tony Archer ….. David Troughton Lilian Bellamy ….. Sunny Ormonde Alice Carter ….. Hollie Chapman Susan Carter ….. Charlotte Martin Justin Elliott ….. Simon Williams Shula Hebden Lloyd ….. Judy Bennett Tracy Horrobin ….. Susie Riddell Alistair Lloyd ….. Michael Lumsden Adil Shah ….. Ronny Jhutti Lynda Snell ….. Carole Boyd Oliver Sterling ….. Michael Cochrane Caitlin Thomas ….. Di Botcher Roy Tucker ….. Ian Pepperell Peggy Woolley ….. June Spencer Denise ….. Clare Perkins
  • 04/08/2022
    Alistair and Denise make a great team as Alistair operates on Ruby. Adil comforts Justin whilst they await news. When Alistair rings, it’s good news and Adil and Justin can’t contain their joy. Justin again tries to discuss a possible link-up between the Stables and Grey Gables. Adil interrupts him saying Justin should take the day off – it would be understandable if he did, as he obviously cares deeply about Ruby. Embarrassed Justin bats him away saying Ruby’s more Lilian’s than his. Can Adil please not say anything to Lilian about how ‘concerned’ he was about Ruby? Alistair buys Denise lunch as a thank you for helping Ruby pull through. They comment on how attached Justin is to Ruby – Denise thinks he may’ve shed a few tears. Alistair makes Denise blush when he says that Denise was robbed of the Vet Nurse of the Year award; she’s the best one he’s ever worked with. Helen enjoys a bit of baby therapy holding Seren. She tells Tom that he and Natasha are doing an incredible job. He responds it doesn’t feel like it. Helen apologises for adding to Tom’s worries by overreacting to the church window, but Tom says he and Natasha were wrong to agree to it. They’re going to thank Peggy, but refuse the offer. Helen insists Tom should accept, as Henry and Jack don’t mind, but Tom says Natasha’s dead-set on refusing now. Helen says she’ll try to convince Natasha to change her mind, then they all can enjoy the beautiful window when it’s done.
  • 03/08/2022
    When Tracy asks if there’s been any more gossip about the post box fire, Susan quickly changes the subject. Susan thinks Tracy looks tired and says what made the work bearable for Emma at the chicken factory was the mates; they never stopped laughing. It’s Tracy’s turn to change the subject. Oliver appears and broaches the subject of Brad’s Maths summer school. There’s another one at Christmas – he’d like to pay Brad’s expenses. When Tracy declares she not a charity case, Oliver says it was his fault Brad lost the harvest work. He doesn’t blame Tracy for losing trust in him, but Brad has so much potential, and nothing should get in the way of that. Tracy’s taken aback and agrees to think about it. When Oliver asks how her job’s going she says it’s fine. At Ambridge Hall, Adil comments it’s a shame Justin missed the Grey Gables launch event. Justin tries to engage Adil in possible partnership options between Grey Gables and The Stables. But Adil’s only half listening, noticing that Ruby doesn’t look right. He suggests that Justin ring the vets. When Justin tells Alistair that Ruby’s really not well, Alistair agrees to see Ruby before he closes up. Adil drives Justin there. It’s bad news – there’s a tumour on Ruby’s spleen, which can’t be removed until tomorrow because Ruby needs a blood transfusion first. When Adil asks if Justin’s ok, Justin covers saying he’s fine, it’s Lilian who’ll be upset. Supportive Adil suggests getting back to Ambridge Hall for dinner, but Justin’s lost his appetite.
  • 02/08/2022
    At Bridge Farm Tony and Helen tell everyone that people were bowled over by the Grey Gables launch event. They’re interrupted by a customer complaining about food missing from the veg boxes – it’s the third complaint today. Tom insists he’d checked the boxes twice, but everyone blames it on his sleep deprivation. When Caitlin brings up the subject of Peggy’s church window, it’s clear no-one’s told Helen about it. Later Tom admits to Helen that he and Natasha were so amazed by the idea they didn’t think about anyone else. Helen feels that Peggy’s implying her children don’t deserve something unique, but that Tom’s do. Tom thinks it’s simply because he’s had twins. He asks Helen not to spoil it for Natasha, who thinks it’s an incredible gift. Later Tom’s cross with Caitlin when she admits she’s been taking things from the veg boxes – she thought she could help herself. She’s apologetic when Tom asks her to steer clear of farm stuff. When Pat tells Helen that Tom should’ve told her about the church window, Helen’s more cross with Peggy as it’s so unfair on Henry and Jack. When Pat points out it also affects Peggy’s other grandchildren, Helen admits she’s discovered they’re all really happy for Tom and Natasha and that makes her feel selfish. Pat says she doesn’t always understand Peggy’s actions, but not to let it come between Helen and Tom. Later Pat talks to Tony saying Peggy’s so clumsy in the way she does things. Tony says it’s unintentional and it was a heartfelt gesture. Pat agrees; Peggy will always remain a mystery to her, but no-one could question her love for their family.

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