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Podcast KCRW Bookworm
Podcast KCRW Bookworm

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  • Michelle Huneven: ‘Search’
    Los Angeles-based author Michelle Huneven joins Evan Kleiman to discuss her latest book, “Search.” In this engaging and funny literary fiction novel, main character Dana Potowski writes a memoir that describes the steps of her Unitarian Universalist Church congregation’s year-long search for its new minister and the challenges they encounter.
  • Natalia Molina: ‘A Place at the Nayarit: How a Mexican Restaurant Nourished a Community’
    Natalia Molina tells the story of Nayarit, her grandmother’s Mexican restaurant, a space that became a cherished hub for immigrants and the LGBTQ community in Echo Park. 
  • Emily Skillings and John Yau: John Ashbery’s “Parallel Movement of the Hands: Five Unfinished Longer Works” (Re-air)
    Editor/poet Emily Skillings and poet/critic John Yau speak about an iconic poet of the 21st century, John Ashbery, and his posthumous book, “Parallel Movement of the Hands: Five Unfinished Longer Works.”
  • Rita Dove: “Playlist for the Apocalypse” (Re-air)
    Rita Dove’s new book of poetry, “Playlist for the Apocalypse,” goes in many different historical and personal directions.
  • Robert Jones, Jr.: “The Prophets” (Re-air)
    The debut novel of Robert Jones, Jr., “The Prophets,” is lyrical prose about the dimensionality and interiority of people.

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KCRW Bookworm

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