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  • Still On
    Long-running late-night talk show “Still On” just got a new host. He’s young, innovative… and cursed. Written by Hunter Nelson Performed by Molly Thomas, Ed Herbstman, Jamie Newell, Louis Kornfeld, Kelsey Bailey, Hunter Nelson, Brandon Zelman, Michael Cullen, Bill Rohlfing, Thomas Whittington, and Mary McDonnell. Find The Truth at and @thetruthfiction on Twitter and Instagram.
  • I'm Not That Guy
    You know the story: back in high school, a jock and a nerd switched bodies. Except now it's ten years later... and they still haven't switched back. Written by Matthew Brian Cohen Performed by Seth Lind, Jeremy Bent, Betsy Kenney, Randy McKay, Drew Reilly, Joel Bernstein, Zuri Washington, Amy Warren, Matthew Brian Cohen, and Bill Rohlfing. Find The Truth at and @thetruthfiction on Twitter and Instagram.
  • Mark the Creep
    Mark thinks he's unworthy of his wife's affection. At least, that's what the voices in his head keep saying.... Written by Louis Kornfeld Performed by Andy Bustillos, Julia Meinwald, Lila Newman, Tessa Hersh, and Tony Chen Find The Truth at and @thetruthfiction on Twitter and Instagram.
  • Journey into Kalanu
    On a theme park ride dedicated to a sci-fi mega-franchise, a man meets a superfan whose love of fantasy is about to put them both in real danger. Written by Hunter Nelson. Performed by Peter Grosz, Alex Dickson, Billy Bob Thompson, Erica Schroeder, Zuri Washington, Jake Hart, Nathan Crisci, Erik Ghalib, Liz Leimkuhler, Anthony Franqui, Erin Bartley, and Hunter Nelson. Find The Truth at and @thetruthfiction on Twitter and Instagram.
  • Happy Happy
    There are a million things rock star Melanie Miles would like to have done differently. And a visit to a mysterious bar trapped in the '90s finally gives her the chance. Written by Lana Schwartz Performed by Erin Harland, Jon Cook, Anna Suzuki, Maya Deshmukh, Alex Song-Xia, Ryan Leach, Evan Barden, and Stefan Schuette. Find The Truth at and @thetruthfiction on Twitter and Instagram.

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