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Car Talk

Podcast Car Talk
Podcast Car Talk

Car Talk


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  • #2264: A Lifetime of Hand Me Down Cars
    Victoria from DC has spent her adult years driving a series of hand-me-down cars from her family. Her latest choice -if you can call it a choice- is between her current AMC Spirit and a Chrysler K car. Click and Clack resist suggesting an untimely two-car fire and instead try to offer useful guidance on this epiode of the Best of Car Talk.
  • #2263: Sister Mary Anne's Tire Fund
    On the occasion of moving to their new fair city of Cambridge, MA the brothers tempt fate by weighing in on Sister Mary Anne's problems with her Plymouth as well as Karl's Honda horn and Scott's unalignable minivan. All this and the new puzzler on this episode of the Best of Car Talk.
  • #2262: Really Low Cost Air Travel
    Carl from California has the urge to fly. But instead of buying an airline ticket or maybe taking a few flying lessons Carl wants to build his own airplane. Ol' Carl is certainly up for a challenge. So he called Car Talk and asked our boys which car engine would be the best choice to put in his homemade plane. Is Carl nuts? Yes. Are the brothers crazy enough to give him an answer? Find out on this episode of the Best of Car Talk.
  • #2261: One Million Original Miles
    Julie from Maryland is trying to sell her much-beloved Chevy SUV but all her potential buyers are scared off by the car's high mileage. She needs a new sales strategy and Ray shares the story of trying to sell his old Pontiac with a million miles. And don't miss the return of the Puzzler from extended Summer vacation on this episode of the Best of Car Talk.

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Car Talk

Car Talk

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