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KCRW Hollywood Breakdown

KCRW Hollywood Breakdown

Podcast KCRW Hollywood Breakdown
Podcast KCRW Hollywood Breakdown

KCRW Hollywood Breakdown


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  • Netflix hikes prices, how will subscribers react?
    The standard Netflix plan now costs $15.49 a month — 50 cents more than HBO Max. Some subscribers may cancel, but the price will likely continue to rise as Netflix grows.
  • Future of Disney: What is Bob Chapek’s strategy?
    Disney CEO Bob Chapek recently sent his staff a memo outlining three “strategic pillars” that will “set the stage” for the company’s future. What do they really mean?
  • Golden Globes go on — with no celebs, no glamor
    This year’s Golden Globe Awards will still happen in Beverly Hills, but with no red carpet and no media access. It will be a very pared-down, glamor-free ceremony. 
  • How will ‘West Side Story’ fare at the box office?
    Steven Spielberg’s version of “West Side Story” opens this weekend, and while the film has received strong reviews, it may find trouble at the box office. Because so many movies’ release dates were pushed by the pandemic, it’s extra crowded at the holiday box office this year. And “West Side Story” will likely appeal to an older audience, the group that’s least likely to venture out to see movies in-person. 
  • Disney has a new board chair, and she’s a gay woman
    When Bob Iger officially leaves Disney at the end of the year, he’ll be succeeded by Susan Arnold, the first woman and first openly gay person to lead the Disney board of directors. Unlike Iger, Arnold does not have a creative background. She worked almost 30 years at Procter & Gamble and also spent time in the world of private equity. 

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KCRW Hollywood Breakdown

KCRW Hollywood Breakdown

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