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  • The worst TV I've ever made and everything it taught me - audio
    Four TV execs talk to Wayne Garvie about the worst shows they've ever made and what they learned from their mistakes
  • Sheffield Doc/Fest 2014: Senza Parole - audio
    In the last of our series highlighting the audio documentary form, Vicky Frost and Nina Garthwaite explore Paris through the work of producer Katharina Smets
  • 'It's like the anti-Women's Hour' - Why Oh Why podcast review
    Vicky Frost and Nina Garthwaite listen to Andrea Silenzi's documentary on getting an IUD contraceptive fitted – and discuss why there aren't more female producers tackling modern issues
  • Sheffield Doc/Fest 2014: The Calling – audio
    In the second of four programmes, Vicky Frost talks to Nina Garthwaite about Sheffield Doc/Fest and listens to another shortlisted audio documentary.
  • Sheffield Doc/Fest 2014: Love and Radio - audio
    As Doc/Fest 2014 gets underway in Sheffield, Vicky Frost talks to the founder of In The Dark Nina Garthwaite, a group dedicated to championing the radio feature documentary

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