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Back 2 Work

Podcast Back 2 Work
Podcast Back 2 Work

Back 2 Work


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  • Episode 592: Dirt Cat
    Dan has Covid, so Merlin agrees to carry him, and yet Dan improbably carries them both.
  • Episode 591: A Closeted Magical Thinker
    There are a few odds and sods, but, yeah, it's mostly about adjudicating Peak Cruise. Runner-Up Titles Bespoke Slime Hole Gavin Assumed Nom De Repair Species-Ending Annoyance Mosquito Tasks One Set of Footprints The Thing You Do Before It Breaks Creating Conditions Old People Jam-Up Don't Give Me Notes The Boston Janitor Movie
  • Episode 590: A Load-Bearing Feeling
    Feeling bad about feeling bad is ultimately optional. 2022-09-13 Rhys Darby
  • Episode 589: The Outgassing of Ancient Woods
    From choosing a pencil to relocating your ladder, one big and complex part of Knowledge Work is deciding how to do what you do.
  • Episode 588: Quid Pro Crow
    DISCUSSED: Your hosts talk about some of their favorite Mac apps available via Setapp ( TK e588

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Back 2 Work

Back 2 Work

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